I traveled with Venture in Yellowstone during the winter and found him to be an adorable, curious, and engaging companion. His wonderful book about his experiences in the park in all seasons is a great and fun way for kids to learn about the many things that go on in Yellowstone.

Betsy Robinson

Wild Things Unlimited

Venture to Yellowstone

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins
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Chapter 2: Yellowstone Wonders

Chapter 3: Spring Delights

Chapter 4: Into a Bear Den

Chapter 5: The Bears Are Everywhere

Chapter 6: Hot Spot

Chapter 7: Summer Fun

Chapter 8: Natural Cycles

Chapter 9: Wild West Imaginings

Chapter 10: Autumn Adventures

Chapter 11: Antlers in Action

Chapter 12: Native Americans

Chapter 13: A Winter World

Chapter 14: Whose Tracks are These?

Chapter 15: Happy Yellowstone New Year!

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