Venture is the perfect companion to introduce a child to the wonder of the Smoky Mountains!

Jennifer Webster

Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremo

Venture to the Smokies

Venture to the Smokies
Venture to the Smokies

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Pleased to Meet You
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Chapter 2: Oh, The Places I’ll See

Chapter 3: Cades Cove

Chapter 4: Small Wonders on a Quiet Walkway

Chapter 5: Back in Time

Chapter 6: The Big Event of My Day

Chapter 7: Night Lights and Summer Songs

Chapter 8: Lucky

Chapter 9: Autumn Adventures

Chapter 10: Along the Creek to Abrams Falls

Chapter 11: The Road to Newfound Wonders

Chapter 12: Something Special

Chapter 13: Winter in the Smokies

Chapter 14: Look for Me in the Smokies