What a great, kid-friendly book! I loved this book! It’s just like you are right along Venture the teddy bear as he visits this super national park. I learned so much effortlessly-when Venture describes his adventures and the natural and cultural history of Great Smokies, you really feel like you are there.

Good Brother Cadfael

In an intimate and charming way, Sloan Heermance captures the wonder that we all feel when we encounter Yellowstone’s beauty through the eyes of her teddy bear friend Venture, and manages to teach us about America’s first national park along the way. Here’s to more adventures for Venture ahead!

Charissa Reid

Yellowstone Expedition Guide Author


Ventures Adventures Books & Bear

Wanted: curious minds

Join Venture the traveling teddy bear™ as he explores Yellowstone and Great Smoky Mountains national parks.

Venture guides children ages six to twelve (and all those who are young at heart) to the wonders of two of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. With child-friendly information, abundant photographs, and engaging activities, children learn about the beauty and unique features of each park.

A friend of Venture...
A friend of Venture…

The books provide excellent opportunities for interactive reading experiences by reading aloud and working together on the many activities, as well as offering independent reading opportunities. Schoolteachers appreciate the ready-made curriculum these books provide.

Wanted: good homes for teddy bears

A small, plush Venture bear is available with or without the books. Children can take their own little Venture on adventures to places near and far.

Reading level: Ages 6 to 12
Soft cover
Publisher: Venture’s Adventures, LLC
Product Dimensions: about 8 x 10 inches

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